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Pawsitive Steps Pet Rehab    336-317-3466   Dr. Marie Ballangee
Pet Rehab and Fitness Clinic, Dr. Marie Ballangee DVM, CCRP, cVMA
Acupuncture, Underwater Treadmill, Therapy Laser, Therapeutic Exercise, Electrical Stimulation, Assistive Device Fitting. Dr. Ballangee has helped our lab mix Nora blue recover after her cruciate ligament surgery. Visit

The American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Visit
Guilford County Animal shelter – find your next best friend here! Visit

Central Carolina Pet Services Crematory  A place to turn to for trusted, respectful handling of your pets remains. Visit

Veterinary Dermatologist
Our Jack Russell, Hooper, would still be itching and scratching if it weren’t for Dr. Randall. He’s now a very very happy pup!  Dr. Amy Randall a board certified veterinary dermatologist specializes in diagnosing and treatment for allergies, skin, ear, nail and coat problems in dogs, cats and horses. All species of animals can develop allergies. Allergies can occur with food or environmental allergens (pollen to grasses, trees and weeds). Allergy symptoms include licking, chewing, scratching, pulling hair out and hot spots as well as recurrent ear and skin infections. Dr. Randall and her staff are highly trained and use only the most comprehensive and state of the art treatments for these conditions. No referral from your veterinarian need to see Dr. Randall Call (503) 574-4150 or visit

Proline Hidden Fence
For a great system, be sure to call our friend Fred Uberseder, authorized Triad dealer of Pet Stop® brand hidden fence systems, the premier brand of hidden, invisible dog fencing! We’ve got this system and it keeps our four pups safe and secure yet allows them the freedom to run!   Call 336-945-4879 or visit

Dog- Gone Fun – Daycare, Training and Boarding
Fun and knowledgeable trainers. Dog training at its best!  I highly recommend Dog Gone Fun. Conveniently located in Kernersville. Call (336) 993-2178 or visit

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