Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is dog poop is a form of fertilizer for my grass?

A: Dog poop is not a form of fertilizer for your lawn. Dogs are carnivors, meat eaters, so their poop contains fat and protein (not so good for the lawn or garden). It also contains bacteria with names like E. Coli, Salmonella and gairdia. These aren’t things you want to leave in your yard or track into your house.

Q. When it rains, doesn't the poop just get washed away?

A: Dog poop doesn’t just “go away.” If not picked-up it will break down and you may not see it, but the bacteria will stay in the ground for years! It can even make its way into our sewers and water systems causing a problem that affects all of us.

Q. Do you work in all kinds of weather?

A. Dogs poop on the average of 3 times a day, everyday and in any kind of weather. So, we’re here for you, year round, in just about any kind of weather. It is possible that severe lightning and ice storms may delay your service. But we’ll be out to clean-up as soon as possible.

Q. What if I go on vacation, can I suspend my service until I return?

A. If you are planning to go away and the dogs will not be home, simply give us a call, we’ll work around your schedule, stopping and resuming your service as you require.

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