Welcome to Doodie Free Zone, dog waste clean-up service

Whether you have one small dog, one large dog or any combination of dogs, a clean healthy environment, a poop free environment, is essential to the well being of you, your family, your dogs, and even the environment.

Top Reasons to Hire Doodie Free Zone
10. Cleaning up after your dog(s) is a nasty job, but someone’s got to do it.
9. You have better things to do with your precious time than clean-up dog poop.
8. Dog poop contains bacteria and parasites that are harmful to humans, especially children.
7. Nobody wants an unsightly, stinky yard.
6. The neighbors are starting to talk.
5. “It’s” been tracked into the house.
4. This stuff doesn’t just break down and go away; it stays in the ground for years!
3. It’s time to start enjoying your yard without saying “watch your step.”
2. Until your dog can use the bathroom and flush, you’re going to need us.
1. SHOES! They’re just never the same once you’ve stepped in dog poop!

If any of these hit home with you, please give us a call, Doodie Free Zone is here to help! You’ll be so happy you made the call, and so will your dogs!

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